What is Christ Renews His Parish?

CRHP Invitation MASTER Christ Renews His Parish, otherwise known as CRHP, pronounced “Chirp”, is a spiritual renewal weekend designed to help individuals grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with others in their faith community. Participants are usually so inspired, so renewed, so uplifted, they are anxious to share their faith experience with others and their families. During the weekend, a Saturday and Sunday, you will listen to a number of individuals who will share their personal experiences of the power of Christ in their lives. You will have an opportunity to participate in group discussions with your fellow participants and other activities. There will be readings of scripture, time for prayer, and personal reflections. The Sacraments are an integral part of the weekend so you will also have an opportunity to go to confession and the weekend concludes with a private CRHP Mass. All experiences shared are confidential, unless otherwise expressed by the participants.

Who Should Consider Attending a CRHP Weekend?

ALL ARE WELCOME – for all those who St. Catherine your church home and 19 years and older, you are encouraged to attend.

  • Someone who wants to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and others in their faith community.
  • Someone who would like to gain a deeper sense of purpose within our parish community.
  • Someone who wants to better understand themselves and their relationship with Christ.

If you would like more information please contact Vincent Reilly, the CRHP coordinator in our parish office, 264-0577 EXT 322 or formation@stcatherineop.com.