Loving God, we belong to You; and in You we place our hope and trust.  Send your Holy Spirit to set our hearts on fire with great love.  Give to us the joy of selfless generosity.  We thank you for our lives and for this moment to build out tomorrow as the dynamic faith community of St. Catherine of Siena.  May this campaign and these new buildings stand in loving tribute to all those who have come before us and may they serve us and those who will follow.  And may all that we do bring you honor and glory.    



 Quote from Fr. Ignatius Plathanam, CMI, Pastor

 “Priests and pastors come and go, but this parish is yours. I am here to care for the parish for a short time, compared to the legacy of this generation and the many generations to come who will call St. Catherine their home.”

Quote from Bishop Felipe Estévez, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine

“I believe St. Catherine can do so much more for the youth, families, and those in need in our community with larger and updated facilities.  I ask each one of you to reflect and pray on your response to this campaign which means so much to the future of this parish.”

  FAQ Quick Link

   FAQ Quick Link

   Parish Family Life Center

   A new Parish Family Life Center will include:

  • A spacious hall that can seat over 400 people and multiple meeting rooms that doubles the space available for parish activities and ministries in a single more energy efficient facility.
  • Specially designed spaces for activities that welcome, engage, and inspire our youth, young adults and young families.
  • Adequate, secure, and efficient meeting space for our St. Vincent DePaul Society, who serve thousands of people in need in Clay County annually.
  • An expanded commercial kitchen for large parish events and daily food deliveries for those in need.
  • An outdoor sports and activities area that can eventually be brought under roof.

                          Click for more views (Parish Family Life Center) and video link

   Church Rectory

     A new Parish Rectory will allow for:

  • Our priests to live in modest facilities that provide them with a more healthy, secure, and private location on the parish grounds, that the priests may be readily available to serve the parish community, provide leadership, and be present for many parish activities.
  • Accommodations for special parish functions, deanery meetings and priest gatherings, seminarians, and visiting priests.
  • The creation of prime accessible parking for the Church and Adoration Chapel at the location of the current rectory.
  • The regrading of the parish grounds to mitigate storm runoff from the Church that is currently damaging its foundation.

                          Click for more views (Church Rectory) and video link

   The costs for this new construction are:  the Parish Family Life Center, $3,000,000, and the new Rectory, $800,000.


Prayerfully taking into account the needs which we have identified, the Parish Council, Finance Council, and Building Committee concluded that it is best to replace the existing halls with a new Parish Family Life Center and to construct a new rectory next to the Marian Garden.

     Next Step in Building Our Tomorrow

  • Pray that God may bless our Campaign with success.
  • Pray that God inspire each of us to make a gift in faith that will benefit people in our community.
  • Contribute to the Capital Campaign through a multi-year pledge.


  Your Involvement

The people of St. Catherine have always been most generous.  Parish Leadership is again calling on that generosity to respond to a Capital Campaign for this new construction.  The Campaign goal is $2.5 million, but through the participation of everyone in our parish, we hope to exceed this goal handily. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Campaign and all gifts are valued and appreciated. Working together as a community with our Faith on Fire we can build a tomorrow filled with even more services for the needy, a stronger Catholic faith for our young people and a commitment to be Christ for others.

Give Today

  • Contact Kim Neill, Business Manager by e-mail, busmgr@stcatherineop.com
  • Faith Direct – Manage your account “Add New Gift, My Campaign – Faith On Fire” 
  • New to Faith Direct, establish a new account. via web
  • Other ways to change/add  or enroll with Faith Direct 
    • Call Faith Direct customer service toll-free at 866-507-8757
    • Email Faith Direct at info@faithdirect.net
    • Use the QR code below with your cell phone
    • Or print the form needed, fill it out, and drop off at St. Catherine, Administration building –  Enroll form or Capital Campaign form
  • Other gifts, Trusts, Land, Endowments, or Bequests/Planned Gifts – contact Father Ignatius

Why to take advantage of Faith Direct?

  • Simplicity: Imagine not having to write a check each Sunday morning – and no more searching around for your offertory envelopes. People are finding that Sundays are simpler with Faith Direct – so there’s more time to focus on Mass, prayers, and God’s message that day.
  • Consistency: Many who have switched to Faith Direct appreciate the fact that they can support our ministries even when they are out of town or unable to attend Mass – and they’re happy that this consistency helps St. Catherine of Siena more effectively plan our programs and services.
  • Savings: People are saying that they like eGiving because it helps our parish conserve resources. Faith Direct is more cost-effective than printing up and mailing out envelopes, and the money we save can help us further expand our ministries. Plus, eGiving uses less paper… so it’s a great way for families to ease their impact on the environment!

Capital Campaign Cabinet Members

Dr. Mary Rose Alon-Alon,  Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. & Nora Carey,  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis & Adriana Cascante, Mr. and Mrs. Antonio & Carol Dungca,  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis & Linda Hall,  Dr. and Mrs. Gene A. & Nimfa P. Harris,  Capt. William H. Kennedy,  Ms. Stella G. Loy,  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory & Sally Moorehead,  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. & Janice Motolenich,  Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Lorie Plato,  Ms. Carol Jean Rowell,  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Scherch,  Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Kathryn Vallencourt,  Mr. and Mrs. Gilberto & Martha Velazquez,  Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Patty Woods