Music Ministries – Rehearsal Tracks
As I complete various rehearsal tracks I will post them to this site and announce their arrival on our Music Ministries Facebook site. Please take time with your designated part. Thanks

Advent – Christmas Rehearsal Tracks

A Voice Cries Out

A Voice Cries Out – Alto

A Voice Cries Out – Bass

A Voice Cries Out – Soprano

A Voice Cries Out – Tenor

A Voice Cries Out – Full Choir


Christmas Joy Medley

Christmas Joy Medley – Alto

Christmas Joy Medley – Bass

Christmas Joy Medley – Soprano

Christmas Joy Medley – Tenor

Christmas Joy Medley – Full Choir


We Wait in Hope

We Wait in Hope – Alto

We Wait in Hope – Bass

We Wait in Hope – Soprano

We Wait in Hope – Tenor

We Wait in Hope – Full Choir



Emmanuel – Alto

Emmanuel – Bass

Emmanuel – Soprano

Emmanuel – Tenor

Emmanuel – Entire Choir



O Come, O Come Emmanuel 

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Soprano

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Tenor

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Bass

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Alto

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Full Choir


Patience People

Patience People – Soprano

Patience People – Alto

Patience People Tenor

Patience People – Bass

Patience People – Full Choir


Like a Shepherd

Like a Shepherd – Soprano

Like a Shepherd – Alto

Like a Shepherd – Tenor

Like a Shepherd – Bass

Like a Shepherd – Full Choir

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