Offertory Envelopes

Why do I need to use my envelopes?

By using your envelopes, you help the parish in prudent administration of the annual budget. It helps in directing contributions to specific purposes and allows us to make our contributions responsibly.

Can I write one check and let the church decide where to divide the funds?

Your donation cannot be divided for you. You can however, write one check and on the envelope specify what funds you would like your contribution to be directed toward. Otherwise, all contributions will be applied to the Parish Stewardship Offering.

How much should I give?

The Church teaches that each person, according to his or her means, is to give so that there will be an “upbuilding of the Body of Christ.” This is an opportunity for us to return gratefully a portion of our financial resources. Scripture says “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Peter 4:10). For some a tenth may be too small, for others impossible, for everyone too arbitrary.  It is according to the conscience of each of us to do all he can.

How is the Diocese of St. Augustine and Diocesan programs funded?

Each year our parish shares a percentage of all money collected with only a few exceptions. The Diocese is sent this “sharing” quarterly to support the Diocese staff and all programs administered at the Diocesan level.

What does each envelope in my packet do?

 offertoryenv Parish Stewardship Offering
This is the backbone of financial support for our parish. It provides for all operation and services of St. Catherine’s.
(Note that on this envelope, you may designate a portion of the amount enclosed to go to reduce the mortgage debt.)
 mortgageenv Let In The Light
This envelope designates that these funds go directly to reduce our mortgage. When our debt is paid off, we will remove this envelope from the monthly packets.
 2collectionenv Special Collection
Each month we support one of a variety of national collections taken up by the parishes of the United States. Purposes range from support for overseas relief, Holy Day collections, as well as contributions for retired religious.
 formationenv Parish Formation Offering
This envelope is included in the packet once a month. It helps pay for the variety of religious education programs at the parish. It is suggested that each household donate at least $30 a year for this purpose.
 newmemberenv New Parishioners Envelope
This is for the convenience of our families that are new to the parish and have not received their offertory envelopes in the mail. They are available in the parish office or church narthex.
 mailinenv Mail-In Envelope
We provide this envelope addressed to St. Catherine’s once a month in case you wish to mail in your offering when you are out of town.

For more information, contact St. Catherine Administration Office,
at or (904) 264-0577