Service Ministries for Adults

Bereavement Luncheon

The Funeral Bereavement Committee prepares and serves funeral luncheons. You can help this ministry by serving at the lunch as a host/hostess or provide a casserole during our quarterly casserole Sunday’s.

Time Commitment:  Hosting a lunch is a 4 hour commitment. • Preparing a casserole 1 hour commitment. • You will be asked to be on call for one week per the month during which you may receive a call or not.

For more information contact:

Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



The Christmas Giving Tree

Each year we provide over 2000 Christmas presents to those in need.  Each family receive 1-2 Christmas presents as well as a food gift card to provide their family with a Christmas meal.

Time Commitment:  A Giving Tree Angel: approx. 10 hours in late November.  Filling out gift tags, inventorying the gifts received and a group shopping trip for gifts to fulfil gift tags there were not returned.  • A Giving Tree Wrapper: 2 hour commitment.  Usually the first Wednesday in December from Noon – 2pm.  Help wrap presents that had to be purchased.  • A Giving Tree Provider: 1 hour commitment.  Take a tag from the tree and purchase and wrap a gift for someone in need.  (Please return tag with purchased gift.)

For more information contact:

Donna Porter
Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



Church Environment & Art Committee

Enhances our liturgical celebrations through the use of plants, symbols, art, colors and other decoration.

Training required:  Read materials available regarding liturgical year and décor needs / expectations.

Time commitment:  Varies based on time of year you are interested in assisting.  • All year décor 1-2 hours a week.  • Seasonal assistance decorating schedules are created as the season approaches.

For more information contact:

Lisa Murphy 904-264-0577 X.324



Clay County Soup Kitchen

Each month St. Catherine’s provides a simple meal of Soup and Sandwiches for the homeless at the Soup Kitchen.

Time Commitment:  3 Hours on a Saturday at the Orange Park Soup kitchen located at the Clay County Senior Center  • Provide a Pot of Soup 2 hour commitment

Scheduled Meeting:  Every 5th or 6th week a group from St. Catherine’s serves at the Soup Kitchen.  The groups are usually part of other ministries such as the MOM’s, CRHP and KOC etc.  Every quarter we have an open parish date.

For more information contact:

Michelle Reddinger 904-375-1265
Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



Ending Poverty In Community


Are intended to bring the parish together with everyone doing one small action.  Each person’s small action becomes the parish large project.

Epic Moments Projects:  Fill the Pot  • Pack the Backpack

These are days of formation, action and service to our community.
EPIC Day Spring’s project is a small food garden for low income families.  These help with food cost and a healthy diet.
EPIC Day Fall’s project is stuffing stockings full of toiletries for the men and women on the “outside” at the Sulzbacher Center.  Toothbrush and toothpaste are an important part of the stocking. Dental Health is a great need among the homeless.

Scheduled Meeting:  The EPIC moment outreach is done 3 times a year after the 10 and Noon Mass  • EPIC Days of Service are in December and May

Time Commitment:  EPIC moment’s 5 min. commitment  • EPIC Days of Service 4 hours  • EPIC Educational 25 hours

For more information contact:

Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



Filipino American Ministry

Our mission statement: to unite with our Bishop and Pastor to serve, evangelize, and live the catholic faith.  One of our goals is to assist and raise funds to support programs and needs of the parish.

Scheduled Meeting:  Meetings as needed

Time Commitment:  Please watch the bulletin for our upcoming events. Such as the Dinner Dances, lunch to go and more.

For more information contact:

Stella Loy  904-269-5025
Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



The Gift Shop: Religious Articles Shop

Our shop is located in the back of the Church and is open after all weekend Masses.  The shop is operated by volunteers and provides the people of the parish with a convenient place to purchase religious articles.

Scheduled Meeting:  After mass open the gift shop

Time Commitment:  Once a month for approx. 30 mins.

For more information contact:

Judy Bennett  904-264-6402
Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



Hispanic Ministry/Ministerio Hispano

We are the Hispanic presence in the Orange Park catholic community/Somos la presencia de la comunidad Católica hispana en Orange Park”.

We have a Hispanic commission to mirror the parish commission in order to work together as one church./Contamos con una comisión hispana a semejanza de la parroquial para trabajar juntos como una sola iglesia.

Monthly Meeting/Reunión mensual:  Every 2nd Thursday of the month 7pm-9pm/Cada 2do jueves del mes de 7pm-9pm

Time Commitment/Tiempo:  2 hours monthly/2 horas mensualmente


Martha Velazquez, facilitator/facilitadora 904-272-1908

Hispanic Commission Members are:

Ana and Roberto Nogueras:  Worship and Spirituality/Culto y Espiritualidad
Delia and Miguel Galeano: Formation/Formación
Albert Figueroa: Youth/Jóvenes
Lynnette Elliot: Stewardship/Mayordomia
Zulma Perez: Social Justice/Justicia Social
Luis Diaz: Secretary/Secretario



I.M. Sulzbacher Center

Once a month the parishioners of St. Catherine’s provide a meal to homeless at the Sulzbacher Center.  We can feed anywhere from 400 to 500 people a month.  We serve a hot meal with vegetables, fruit and even dessert.

Scheduled Meeting:  Third Wednesday of each month  • Cooks: 2:00- 4:30  • Prep Cooks: 2:00-4:30  • Servers: 5:30 7:00

Time Commitment:  3 hours monthly

For more information contact:

Mary Rodgers 904-278-2626
Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



Just Faith/Just Matters/Good News People

Each year we offer a different Social Justice program.  For the 2014/2015 year we will be offering: Good News People. This program is a dynamic process engaging Sacred Scripture, readings and reflections, and Church teachings. The purpose of the program is to communicate hope, love, and possibilities found in a faithful commitment to be good news in the world today.

Scheduled Meeting:  Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Time Commitment:  3 hours weekly

For more information contact:

Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



Justice and Peace Commission

Jesus spent His entire life being with and ministering to the poor and marginalized.

The Justice and Peace Committee studies and discusses Jesus’ focus on the poor and those of society treated unjustly; as well as, Catholic Social Teachings.  The group tries to move from the study of Scripture and Church teachings into action.

Some of the following Social Justice Projects:  The Clay County Soup Kitchen  • Walk A Mile for Sulzbacher  • Offerings of Letters  • Aging Out of Foster Care for Teens  • Prayer vigils.

Scheduled Meeting:  Wednesday from 7:00-9:30pm

Time Commitment:  3 hours monthly

For more information contact:

Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



Knights of Columbus Council #7399

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal service organization providing service in five areas: Council (its members), Church, Community, Family, and Youth.  Members exemplify the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

Orange Park Council 7399 was chartered by the Knights of Columbus in September 1979.

Scheduled Meeting:  The council conducts regular membership business meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.  The meetings take place at 7:00 p.m. at Haut Hall, St. Catherine’s Church.  • Officers and Directors of the council also meet at 7:00 p.m. on the Monday preceding the first meeting of each month.

Time Commitment:  Please watch the bulletin for our upcoming events.

For more information:



Knights of Columbus Ladies

The mission of the Lady Knights is to answer to the needs of our church, our parish, and our community as well as support the Knights of Columbus Council #7399 at St. Catherine’s in their events and endeavors.  We wish to make a positive difference by our actions toward our faith community and each other.  All we do is for the love, honor and glory of God.

Scheduled Meeting:  2nd Thursday of the month

Time Commitment:  Please watch the Knights of Columbus Council #7399 website for our upcoming events.

For more information



Labor Ready/ Homeless Outreach

The mission of the volunteers for Labor Ready/ Homeless Outreach is to provide those in need with a good meal, and extra miscellaneous food items as are available.  We provide for the Labor Ready workers who receive a daily minimum wage.  Some do not have a home to go to after work or if they do have a home, there is little food available.  We also provide for the homeless in our county by partnering with the Homeless Outreach group “Hearts for the Homeless”   We provide the meal and Hearts for the Homeless take it to the woods for those in need

Scheduled Meeting:  Wednesday from 11:00am -1:00pm

Time Commitment:  2 hours weekly

For more information contact:

Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



 Parish Finance Council

This council presents an annual budget to the Parish Council for approval after meeting with all commission representatives.  They assist in establishing the effective means for raising the funds needed to attain parish goals.

Scheduled Meeting:  Quarterly

Time Commitment:  Appointed by Pastor for 3 year term

For more information contact:

Kim Neill 904-264-0577 X.305 or



Parish Pastoral Council

Parishioners utilize their gifts and talents to aid the pastor by discerning, evaluating, consulting and providing recommendations for the establishment of parish policy and objectives.

Scheduled Meeting:  5 times a year

Time Commitment:  Appointed by the Pastor 2 year term

For more information contact:
Kim Neill 904-264-0577 X.305 or



St. Francis Soup Kitchen Peanut Butter and Jelly Ministry

This ministry makes 700 sandwiches twice a month.  These sandwiches are given out to the homeless at the St. Francis Soup Kitchen in Jacksonville.

Scheduled Meeting:  2nd and 4th Fridays of each month

Time Commitment:  Making sandwiches 1-2 hours.  Time depends on the ministry who is sponsoring for the week  • Delivering sandwiches Saturday to St. Francis Soup Kitchen at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church downtown Jacksonville. 1-2 hours

For more information contact:

Tricia Tate 904-278-0098



St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is inspired by Gospel values and is a Catholic lay organization that leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually; by offering person-to-person service to the needy and suffering in the tradition of its founds, Venerable Frederic Ozanam, and patron, St. Vincent de Paul. We work with the community through home visits so we are able to be a hand up not a hand out.

Scheduled Meeting:  Weekly or Monthly

Time Commitment:  1-3 hour each week

For more information click here or contact:

St. Vincent de Paul office 904-264-0577 X.304



The MOM’s Group

MOMS are a group of mothers who are bound together by our vocation of motherhood, faith, and dedication to the church and community. We meet monthly for sharing and planning. We complete many service projects throughout the year to benefit the parish and community. We have social events for MOMS, families and couples.

Scheduled Meeting:  Second Monday of each month beginning at 9:00 am in the Siena Room

Time Commitment:  Meetings are 2.5 hours  • Events are held through the year such as the Vender-Craft-a-fair, playdates, outreach projects and more.

For more information contact:

Cheri Forster at 904-264-0577 x.310 or



The Way Free Medical Clinic and the Clay County Free Volunteer Medical Clinic:

These two resources are available in Clay County.  The Way Free Clinic is open from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm the 1st and 3rd Saturday and Sunday on a first come, first served basis.  The OP Clinic is open every Thursday from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm by appointment only located at 1107 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Green Cove Springs.  Clay County Free Volunteer Clinic is open every 2nd Saturday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and is located at 3229 Bear Run Blvd. in Middleburg on a first come, first served basis.

For more information contact:

904-531-9504  or

 Welcoming Committee

Our Mission Statement:
The Welcoming Committee of St. Catherine’s is to provide a “family friendly” environment that is both inviting and welcoming to our members, visitors and guests to our ministry and mission programs, worship celebrations and special events.

The Welcoming Committee, in support of our ushers, has a primary goal of welcoming new parishioners to our Church before Mass and be available before and after Mass to answer questions. This is probably the best part of the whole job. It is so much fun to meet a new person, couple or family who is looking for a great place to worship and to know that this is where they have been led or to re-connect with a current parishioner we haven’t met yet.

For our newly registered and visitors, It is often their first interaction with our parish and it is important to be recognized and welcomed warmly.

Scheduled Meetings:  2nd Monday every Month at 7:00 pm

Training Required:  Happy, friendly people with a smile needed.  • No formal training required. Name Badges will be made available as well as basic overview of upcoming church events.

Time Commitment:  When scheduled … 15 minutes before and after Mass to greet people and answer questions.

For more information contact:

St. Catherine Administration Office or