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Who We Are

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international organization of lay persons which allows men and women to join together in offering person-to-person service to the needy. It encompasses every form of aid that alleviates suffering and promotes the dignity and integrity of mankind. It serves everyone regardless of creed, opinion, color, or origin.

Poor Box

Poor Box in the Church for donations to St. Vincent dePaul Society

Through the generosity of our fellow parishioners, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Conference at St. Catherine’s Church has a 25 year history of service to the residents of Clay County. Our goal at St. Catherine’s is to advance individual dignity by supporting self-determination and independence. The key to our success is our case management process which seeks to determine the underlying causes of individual and family needs.  We provide financial assistance for rent and utilities, food, gas and medications, as well as referral services to other social service agencies and organizations.

Person to Person Service

The basis of Vincentian service is the making of home visits to those in need of assistance. The home visit is made to respond to a family’s request for aid and to determine the most appropriate way to resolve the family’s problem.

SVDP Group


Collaboration with Other People of Good Will

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul works closely with other organizations, agencies, and churches in Clay County in attempting to meet the multitude of needs. The Society also accepts referrals from other Clay County agencies. Members of the Society participate actively on the Orange Park Clothes Closet Board, the Mercy Network, and on the Clay County FEMA Board, and participate in the Clay County Senior’s Advocacy Council.

County Agent for Catholic Charities & Administrator of Clay Utility “Lend a Helping Hand” Funds 

The St. Vincent de Paul Conference administers Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance programs for the residents of Clay County. The Vincentian volunteers qualify and prepare all paperwork for Clay County residents participating in the grant and aid programs funded through Catholic Charities. The Society also qualifies clients and administers funds collected by the Clay County Utility Authority under the “Lend a Helping Hand” program which assists in maintaining water service to families in crisis.

The Society Embraces All Works of Charity and Justice

  •  Collects and delivers food and clothing to the Clothes Closet.
  • Actively participates in preparing and delivering Thanksgiving & Christmas food baskets.
  • Identifies, and delivers Christmas gifts to families living in the Parish area for assistance in the Parish “Giving Tree” program.
  • Assists with Postal Workers and Boy Scout food collection drives twice a year.
  • Distributes snack products to Baptist Mission, Gleaners, Orange Park Clothes Closet, Community Action, Salvation Army, Quigley House, and St. Vincent de Paul Farm on a continuous basis.
  • Participates in Florida Catholic Conference “Day at the Capital” activities in Tallahassee to address legislative issues effecting the poor and disadvantaged.
  • St. Catherine’s members also personally donate $100.00 per quarter to a “Twin”, the SVDP San Rafael de Piedecuesta Conference in Bucaramanga, Columbia, which uses these funds to provide food, clothing and other necessities to those in need. 


For more information, please contact the St. Vincent de Paul Office at Direct Number (904) 639-5839,  (904) 264-0577 ext. 304 or email