Spiritual Ministries for Adults

Camino a Jesus (Charismatic Group)

Spirit-filled Hispanic gathering, singing, and praising God.  Meets Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm in the Church Conference Room.

For more information, contact Mariana Quevado or Laura Morales at (904) 264-0577.

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a spiritual renewal process that brings members of St. Catherine’s parish together (priests, religious and parishioners) to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.  CRHP emphasizes continued growth in Christian life through scripture, prayer, the sacraments and fellowship with members of our parish community.  This renewal weekend offers an opportunity to step back from our daily life to re-examine our commitment to the teachings of Christ to Him, our families and each other on our own parish campus. Two renewal weekends (one men’s weekend and one women’s weekend) is held annually and given for parishioners of St. Catherine’s by parishioners of St. Catherine’s.  Renewal Weekends are held annually in the Spring.

Time Commitment:  The Renewal Weekend starts on Saturday morning and concludes on Sunday evening.

For more information contact:

Vincent Reilly 904-264-0577 X.321 or formation@stcatherineop.com

Christian Meditation

Prayer in a contemplative form; a mystical awareness of God’s being.   

Time commitment:  Tuesday evenings 7:30 pm in Siena Room

For more information contact:

Vincent Reilly 904-264-0577 X.322 or formation@stcatherineop.com

Legion of Mary

A worldwide organization of Catholics, adults and youth, who offer their service to God, directed to the spiritual welfare of souls.  The Legion helps turn our “good intentions” into action.

Time commitment:  Wednesday 7:00pm in Formation Center, Mosses Room

For more information contact:

Fr. Ignatius 904-264-0577 X.325 or pastorsoffice@stcatherineop.com

Living Stations of the Cross

This ministry is a group of 14 actors of all ages presenting the Stations of the Cross from the viewpoint of one who was there. 

Time Commitment:  1 Dress Rehearsal • 2 Performances

For more information contact:

Rudie Gillett 904-264-0577 X.326 or youth@stcatherineop.com

NAIN Bereavement

This Support Group is designed to help those who have lost a loved one through death.  The focus is to help work though the grieving process. 

Scheduled Meeting:   Two nine week sessions (Spring and Fall)

Time Commitment:   9 weeks for 2 hours

For more information contact:

Cheri Forster 904-264-0577 X.310 or social@stcatherineop.com

Persons with Disabilities

Are you living with a disability or caring for someone with a disability?  Would you like to help bring awareness to the many gifts persons with disabilities have to offer? 

The mission of this ministry is to be a clear and strong voice for persons with disabilities in our parish as well as our community, to provide a forum to enhance the lives of the disabled and with God’s help, to advocate with the disabled our quest for spiritual, social, and personal growth. 

Scheduled Meeting:   At present this ministry is meeting as needed. 

For more information contact:

Cheri Forster 904-264-0577 X.310 or social@stcatherineop.com


Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry’s mission is to bring Christ’s presence and love to those incarcerated in our local jails and prisons. Programs include KAIROS retreats, Catholic Masses/Prayer services, St. Dismus retreats, and Songs of Praise and Worship by the Fools for Christ song group.

Scheduled Meeting:   Weekly or Monthly 

Time Commitment:   Kairos: 9 weekly meetings preparing for the weekend and 1 weekend per year • Catholic Services: Once weekly

For more information contact:

Earl Porter 904-269-9199
Cheri Forster 904-264-0577 X.310 or social@stcatherineop.com

Stewardship Committee

The purpose of the Stewardship Committee at St. Catherine’s is to enhance and encourage the involvement of all members of the community to recognize and pursue stewardship as a way of life. We evaluate and oversee all stewardship efforts to help parishioners pursue active prayer lives, participate in serving others, and sharing their financial gifts. Come join us as we assist in our Parish Annual Stewardship Commitment, Parish Feast Day Celebration, and family enrichment education. If you enjoy brochure design, scheduling, planning events, and are creative, please join us. 

Scheduled Meetings:  We prayerfully gather monthly for a meeting. 2nd Tuesday bi-monthly at 7:00 pm

Training Required:  Attendance at Annual Diocesan Stewardship Conference.

Time Commitment:  Extra meetings for planning of special events (Parish Annual Stewardship Commitment and Parish Feast Day Celebration)

For more information contact:

St. Catherine Administration Office or busmgr@stcatherineop.com