Young Adults

Young Adult Ages 18-25

This ministry is for the Young Adults of our parish ages 18-25.  This ministry provides a place for our college age youth to gather and explore our faith as well as socialize with other young Catholic adults. 

For more information contact:

Rudie Gillett 904-264-0577 X.326 or

*All Ministries identified as “adults” are open to all of our young adults.  Listed below are only a few that are eagerly awaiting your acceptance to their invitation to join them.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

A team of parishioners who “go aside” with children at the 10am Sunday liturgy, to hear the Word of God proclaimed from a lectionary designed especially for children.  Leaders are able to fully participate in the Mass.  Some preparation for each “going aside” is required.

Training required:  Completed background check • Fingerprinting process • References provided and signature required of the diocesan ethical agreement.

Time commitment:  Any preparation time throughout the week • 15-20 minutes, during Mass, on Sunday morning • All volunteers are still able to participate in Mass.

For more information contact:

Roger Davey 904-264-0577 X.321 or

Church Environment & Art Committee

Enhances our liturgical celebrations through the use of plants, symbols, art, colors and other decoration.

Training required:  Read materials available regarding liturgical year and décor needs/expectations.

Time commitment:  Varies based on time of year you are interested in assisting. • All year décor 1-2 hours a week • Seasonal assistance decorating schedules are created as the season approaches.

For more information contact:

Lisa Murphy 904-264-0577 X.324 or


Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a spiritual renewal process that brings members of St. Catherine’s parish together (priests, religious and parishioners) to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.  CRHP emphasizes continued growth in Christian life through scripture, prayer, the sacraments and fellowship with members of our parish community.  This renewal weekend offers an opportunity to step back from our daily life to re-examine our commitment to the teachings of Christ to Him, our families and each other on our own parish campus. Two renewal weekends (one men’s weekend and one women’s weekend) is held annually and given for parishioners of St. Catherine’s by parishioners of St. Catherine’s.  Renewal Weekends are held annually in the Spring.

Time Commitment:  The Renewal Weekend starts on Saturday morning and concludes on Sunday evening.

For more information contact:

Vincent Reilly 904-264-0577 X.322 or

Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers assist the Priest and Deacon during Mass; administering the Precious Body and Blood of Christ to St. Catherine’s parishioners.  Some ministers may also bring communion to the home-bound and nursing homes.

Training required:  An introductory 4-6 hour training course with a 4 week follow-up with a mentor.  We will have a renewal opportunity every 2 years.

Time commitment:  EMHC’s should be prepared to serve at least one Mass a month and there are additional opportunities in our local nursing homes and hospitals.

For more information contact:

Training & Scheduling
 Fr. Ignatius 904-264-0577 X.325 or

Formation & Training
Deacon Ralph Martinez


Linen Angels

This ministry washes the altar and communion linens with the proper respect due to items that have remains of the Blessed Sacrament.  These angels are scheduled quarterly and may have 1-3 appointed to them to be responsible for the washing, folding, ironing (if necessary), and returning of linens for liturgical use.

Training required:  Due to the nature of this ministry, a commitment to serve when scheduled and training is required.

Time commitment:  When scheduled … typically 1 to 3 weeks of a 3 month period … the time it takes for you to properly pre-wash and then wash and care for the linens.

For more information contact:

Lisa Murphy 904-264-0577 X.324 or


Music Ministry

Each of our liturgies has a choir and musicians that enhance our sung prayer.  We also have a choir to sing during funeral liturgies.

Scheduled Meetings:  Saturday 5pm Mass Choir meets Saturdays from 3-4:30pm • Sunday 10am Mass Choir meets Thursdays from 7-8:30pm • Sunday 12n Mass Choir meets Sundays from 10-11:30am • Sunday 5pm Mass Choir meets Sundays from 3-4:30pm • Sunday 6:30pm Mass Choir meets Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm

Training required:  Rehearsal with the choir of choice is required.

Time commitment:  Rehearsal time and Mass time.

For more information contact:

Jim Huges 904-264-0577 or
*Please feel free to approach any of our music ministers after Mass to join any of our different Choirs.



Readers participate in the Liturgy of the Word by proclaiming the Word of God, sharing the commentary regarding the readings, and assisting the celebrant with the Universal Prayer.

Training required:  An introductory 2-4 hour training course with a 4 week follow-up with a mentor.  We will have a renewal opportunity every 2 years.

Time commitment:  Readers should be prepared to serve at least one Mass a month by spending time the week prior reviewing and practicing the readings.

For more information contact:

Training & Scheduling:
Fr. Ignatius 904-264-0577 X.325 or

Formation & Training
Deacon Larry Hart



A sacristan is the person in charge of preparing all liturgical items the priest will need for Mass.  They ensure all needed items are present and in working order thus helping create a spiritual environment for worship.  These men and women, our ‘silent angels’ also are responsible for cleaning and maintaining plants, candles, altar linens and various items needed for many liturgical celebrations.  Depending on liturgical need, this person may also be needed to open the church, ensure temperature comfort, turn on sound system, and provide general knowledge of church for those using the facility for liturgy.

Training required:  Due to the nature of this ministry being an integral part of our liturgical celebration, a commitment o serve when scheduled and training sessions are required.

Time commitment:  When scheduled and for the amount of time required for set up, completion of, and clean up after liturgy.

For more information contact:

Lisa Murphy 904-264-0577 X.324 or



Individuals serve as Ministers of Hospitality by providing a warm welcome to our community members and visitors as they enter the Church to join with us in worship.  They facilitate of offertory collection and bringing up our gifts to the altar and distribute the bulletin after Mass.

Training required:  Training is done at the Mass with the Head User for the Mass.

Time commitment:  Ushers are to arrive at the church 30 minutes prior to Mass to set up needs for the liturgy and be amply prepared to greet the parishioners and guests.

For more information contact:

Fr. Ignatius 904-264-0577 X.325 or